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Graham(2014-03-17 22:14:40):
Comments: Cut in front of me tonight on Drakeford Drive. Could barely brake in time. Drove like a learner.
Alex(2014-03-26 12:51:26):
Comments: Owner of this car here. I haven't been to Tuggeranong since January, so I'm not sure how I was seen cutting in front of someone in March. I feel this driver has either seen my car elsewhere, or randomly searched euro regos.
Sojo(2014-06-16 03:25:16):
Comments: Maybe your just a liar.
Greg(2015-06-10 13:16:50):
Comments: Fucking dickhead backed into my car in Conder today and drove off. No damage I could see but I'll be letting the cops know.
Alex(2015-06-10 14:26:59):
Comments: I've subscribed to this through RSS since the last couple of comments. I have no idea who you are, or why you're posting this, but I have not been to Conder for almost two years, and I have not even left my house in the Inner North today (even if this was yesterday, I only drove to ANU). I don't understand what sort of personal gratification you're getting from writing these comments, but I don't appreciate people posting incorrectly about my driving.

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