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224HNUQLDSandra () :
This person needs to learn the road rules. Cutting people off, speeding and incorrectly merging in traffic.
CK46TWNSWStrathfield () :
Absolute jerk parking in the Clearway blocking the bus stop. Why?
BS30WJNSWBrycen Trevor () :
This chick bumped into my car yesterday. When i asked for her details she said she would 'blow me' if i let it be. She hopped in my car with me and went crazy. My car wasn't even that bad.
ALV07MNSWStrathfield () :
Driver nearly took out pedestrians on a crossing while turning right off the boulevard without looking. older male driver.
DLU80ENSWStrathfield () :
Blue Lexus does illegal right hand turn across double lines and a pedestrian crossing. very careless female Asian driver, no idea how to drive and putting pedestrians in danger.
UBY532VICthis blokes a stain on humanity () :
cutting off our car at 110 km/hr with kids in the then slowing down and screaming. he will kill people because he likes being a smart arse
DMF53ZNSWDiana () :
Hi all, I was crossing the pedestrian cross a half an hour ago near Coles Supermarket in Dee Why (26 Howard Ave) and was almost hit by blue Volkswagen DMF53Z on P2 licence. There were two more people crossing from the other side and we all signaled driver as he/she was passing the cross. I was from the passenger's side and lady who was sitting there impressed zero emotions regarding me. I follow the car to the car park and took a photo of a number plate. Not to mention that today Police charge doubled demerit points. I regret that didn't ask for contacts details other two people who witnessed it. 25.01.18 6.30pm
DQY49GNSWDavid () :
Wating for a bus. Made it hard to get one.
NYPDNSWAlison () :
Male driver was "filtering" around traffic along a road at 80km p/h (60km zone but most of us were going 65). He was crazy, thought he was going to crash into me, or the car next to me or the 2 in front. Once he was passed us he sped off so fast, onto a 50km zoned street and then continued to overtake people, in between the 2 streets where there were roundabouts, crossing over the double lines. Hopefully he does not kill himself causing some poor unsuspecting soul a lifetime of guilt.
DHF20DNSWSamantha () :
Speeding past a Disability Services Bus in a 60 khr zone. Real nice. I think the car said brightnesshomes or brighter homes or something on the side. Real impressive for a company, having such disrespectful drivers on the road.
1CCC182WAKim Flynn () :
Took down this license plate number as this car nearly hit into another car as it turned the corner of Pilbara St and Orrong Rd intersection lights approximately 5pm Tuesday. Luckily no incident occurred, maybe next time not.
PJE378NSWStrathfield () :
male Asian driver driving around Strathfield and Liverpool road dangerously fast and nearly having a head on collision as he could not stay on the left side of the road.
1GFA902WAStevenBunday () :
Learn to drive. And do it on a race track! Span out in the wet and hit another car going the other way. Nice work idiot.
WM79WAWAStevenBunday () :
Hit the curb and broke whole front right of car. Don't buy this car!
CWL09SNSWZac () :
Saw on the phone on M1 from about Gosford to Hornsby. Thought he was falling asleep due to not staying in his lane
XKW933SAMavis () :
Shocking temper and bad road manners
HA1410NSWC Brown () :
Drove straight at me along the service road on Coronation parade heading to Strathfield with the full intention to run me off the road. Very dangerous driver, no remorse.
BX92AKNSWSus () :
Sounds like you are this guy " This guy dumps rubbish in the bush for a small fee of cash or alcohol. I know him through friends and this behaviour is disgusting". Haha Owned Bitch!
BX92AKNSWMum () :
This is my son. He goes down on me whilst driving. Very dangerous. He should pull over to chow my cunji.
BX92AKNSWBen Rawly () :
This guy dumps rubbish in the bush for a small fee of cash or alcohol. I know him through friends and this behaviour is disgusting.