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YDY04XACTChris () :
Lols, you did a burn out a crashed :) Don't buy this car, it has wheel alignment issues and probably a burnt out torque converter/worn out engine.
BS30WJNSWDanielle Sawyer () :
Young P plate girl overtook me whilst i was doing 40 in a school zone. She was on her phone and on the wrong side of the road in school hours. She spat out the window at me when she got infront and slammed her brakes on. Absolute maniac. How she is still alive when she drives like that puzzles me?
514XOAQLDMick () :
514XOA is a white Ford Laser Sedan - possibly a late 90's model
514XOAQLDMick () :
Got this useless bastard on my Vidcam 17/09/2017 between Greenmount and Nobby QLD . I was on main highway - the ford was coming to a T intersection towards main road. I slowed to under signed speed as i always do when unsure.The driver did not look to left or right just straight ahead and pulled out onto main road right in front of me. No emergency braking required as i always expect these brain deads on the road - had no idea he had just pulled out in front of me until i gave it a blast from my new horn. Just disgusting the appalling standard of driving here. Maybe next time he will do that in front of truck.See how that goes. Shouldnt have a licence !
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1BCA778WADaisy () :
Dark green Hyundai, traveling along Stirling Hwy coming from Fremantle was dangerously tailgating the car in front of them for at least 2km. There was plenty of space to move but seems they were too stubborn to do so. It's driver like this that cause accidents and fatalities, what a wally.
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423WODQLDSandra () :
Speeding, tailgating, weaving through traffic, and driving dangerously.
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942WECQLDVictim of horrible driving and abuse () :
This crazy idiot almost ran us off the road. She kept changing lanes to block us - we were doing the speed limit and she seemed to have a problem with that. Giving us the finger and shouting out. Seemingly on drugs - very dangerous driver!
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