How's My Driving?

A collaborative website for dobbing in bad drivers is designed to be an alternate source for Australian drivers to find out information about drivers and their cars.

If you have ever been cut off by a bad driver, been sped past by a car pulling 130+ km/h in a 110 zone, or even been witness to a hit and run - this site gives you a chance to vent, report bad driving, or simply record an incident.

Maybe you're looking to buy a second hand car. Sure, it might look okay.. but is it? Sometimes a REVS check is just not enough - and you don't always have a car's VIN handy, but you might just have a photo of the car showing its Number Plate. Now you can get a little bit of history, without having to know as much detail.

Simply enter a Number Plate into the search box on the right to pull up any information that we have recorded about a car, its driver, or its history.

Of course, this site is mostly user-generated information, so without the support of our users, not all information about every car will be known. We're looking for anyone who can help, just throw in a few details about the cars you see and the database will grow!