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520MURQLDBianca () :
This driver is an absolute loser. Cutting off traffic, not indicating at all. Completely oblivious to the road rules or just plain stupid is my guess. Have reported to police with dash cam footage.
DFA480NSWStrathfield () :
Driver with a red vehicle and clearly, a tiny male part, just had to wildly overtake two cars on the wrong side of the road, because he couldn't wait 5 seconds for someone to park. Driving skills very poor, can't control such a powerful vehicle, a touch of the accelerator nearly made him lose control. embarrassing display.
246XFJQLDJM () :
I was driving with my baby in the car. This car has cut me off I had to break and almost had another car run up my rear end. This driver the proceeds to do reckless driving he almost hit another car because they were doing the speed limit and he wanted them to go faster
DMY45BNSWPaul H () :
"2015 White Ford Ranger" driver who decided he wanted to fight someone and attempted to run me off the road for no reason, as well as, slamming on his brakes when I was behind him. Before the incident, I had just left work, so there was no previous history. He was just being a total f**kwit.
YDJ005VICJedd Salter () :
Fraudulant Disabilty Tag
This woman works in her garden all day , everyday! Cuts her lawns 3 times a week!
Yet claims she's disabled!?
Reported to VicRoads who don't care!
Leave the disabled parking for the disabled.
WAS802VIC... () :
Seemed to have high beam on the whole time, or just super bright lights, could affect someone with epilepsy, nearly gave me a headache.
1DO3XAVICReckless () :
If you’re gonna advertise your business on your car... try not driving like a tosser...
GPO926NSWStrathfield () :
Puke yellow Kingswood being driven around Strathfield in an insanely dangerous manner. running red lights, yep, a right tosser.
PENGNSWStrathfield () :
tried to mow down pedestrians at a crossing when she had the red light, as she'd come too far into the crossing without making her right turn. Actually had the gall to think she was doing the right thing, trying to run down pedestrians when she was stopped by a pedestrian. Young Asian woman, if you are going to have vanity plates, at least drive safely. it's easy to report you when they are memorable.
AIQ473VICAnnonymous () :
Fuckwit! Decided to be an absolute asswipe and speed up and cut me off when merging onto a highway! Didn’t get you very far... I turned off at the exact same time as you! But I suppose you REALLY needed to get to the shopping centre to get a good park for you ego! Well done you dipshit!
231WOZQLDCut off () :
Driver is a another wreckeless moron
1CD2MQVICCron () :
Aggressive tooting when I was parking. Got out of the car to take photos of me, not sure why. He's a little flog.
D27ZVTASOm () :
Adding model: some big Ford Ute
D27ZVTASOm () :
Doesn't observe safety distances, honks when the car 1m ahead refuses to go faster than speed limits, passes dangerously, while flipping a finger.
H87UQTASChris () :
Dangerous driver. 12,45pm 3 November 2018. Almost ran over a pedestrian.Didnt stop at traffic lights cnr. Elizabeth and BrisbaneSt. Driver is oblivious . Should have licence taken off him.
NAS54QLDKevin () :
You drive like a dick and use the phone while driving
DPS82HNSWStrathfield () :
illegally parked in a Clearway blocking a lane of traffic and the bus stop. red car.
MCZ305VICMatt () :
Poor driving. Tail-gating, swapping lanes frequently to get ahead.
Government plates (red lettering).
Unmarked police car? (lights can be seen in rear window).
AJF192VICLindsay () :
Buddy doesn’t like to stop for an ambulance travelling on the opposite side of the road. Also enjoys having a yell at other cars who do decide to stop for the ambulance.
768STSQLDRoad () :
Driver of Hyundai Santa Fe wagon number plate 768-STS on 23/10 at night completely blocked the footpath, forcing pedestrians to walk into Blakeney St Highgate Hill Qld.