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DVG52XNSWPeter () :
Speeds everywhere and blast too loud music
DLJ73RNSWSean () :
Terrible driver, runs redlights constantly
MCD011NSWMohammed Jarrif () :
This old lady is a disgustings and ugly pig with saggy face skin. she spit at me at light cas i beep her to go on green. she was text on phone and not saw green light but yell scream and spit to me. Very rude and also ugly like her heart
Where did you get your license from? A bloody cereal box? You need to go to Specsavers before you actually kill someone. This is the second time in 3 weeks that you've sped along Midnight Avenue, approached a junction where you have to give way (you know the one, near the playground), but just rolled on through without a care in the world while you're staring at me! You clearly need help, so I'd love to help you lose that cereal box license. Do it again so I can make a police report with 3 sets of dashcam footage as evidence. Might be a bit hard to drive your overloaded trade ute (also, have you ever heard of a secure load?) and earn an income without a license. Maybe having someone else help mess up your life will help you bloody wake up to yourself before you actually mess up someone else's with the way you drive...
DMJ52TNSWScared () :
Obnoxious white male driver.
Speeding and tailgating on Prospect Highway, weaving in and out of traffic, sitting on bumper of car in front until a gap opened to weave into.
Ended up coming alongside this driver where two lanes merge into one. He refused to allow it to work like a zipper, despite there being a large enough gap in front of him and my car being the further forward of the two - instead he deliberately sped up and then kept alongside me to force me to have to stop and wait to go behind him. He then gave me the finger and continued to do so for another few hundred meters before I had to turn off the road. Again, more gestures as I drove away.
A very angry, violent man.
888SENNSWBrian () :
Absolute maniac. Tailgating, high-beam flashing and driving alongside me on freeway trying to get my attention.
Z57677NSWChan Djong () :
this is a shit of man is driving with rocks dirt fall out of trayler. one is smashing my window. When i stop next to him and ask he spit on my car and driving off call me a ching chong fool. I follow and he get out and walk toward me and rub his penis out of the pant. he look a little bit liken an Not a normal person. Rude oldman with ear that stick out a lots.
1HN3DSVICUnknown () :
You should be ashamed of yourself. Slamming on your brakes after you decided not to want to be overtaken after not doing the speed limit in the first place and then you began racing me and hooning and erratically speeding doing 110km+ in a 70km zone and just outside the school zone.. do you have rocks in your head? I think you need to hand your license in. My kids now have a good understanding of what is a disgusting display of common courtesy and common respect for other road users.
922XUKQLDAndrew () :
Dangerous close pass of cyclist at Sandgate, Brisbane. Cyclist forced into gutter around left bend in the road. Driver clearly has no regard for others' safety.
DZZ57MNSWGreg () :
Absolute hoon... another P plater speeding on residential roads in a merc.
This fuckwit driving at waaay excessive speeds and merging into spaces with centimetres to spare down the Kwinana Freeway on Friday September 18 around 12.30pm.
Weaving in and out of traffic like he/she owned the god damn road.

VKL222VICJonathan Jones () :
There is something seriously wrong with the Chinese looking driver of this car. I suspect mental health issues. Cutting off traffic and not caring then driving at speeds in excess of 130kmh on the Western Ring Rd at 4pm yesterday. He needs to be taken off the road before he kills someone (like the mad Porsche driver on the Eastern Freeway earlier this year). Has been reported to Vic Police as well.
XMD300WAmm () :
Old man driving crazy in car park.
Took over vehicle which was driving slowly.
He should not have done what he did. Could cause an accident.
NNJ17NSWSandra Smythe () :
Female rider who really should not be on a bike. Extremely dangerous. Can't stay in her lane, speeds then goes really slow and can't stop sticking her legs out all the time, (maybe has a fanny itch or yeast infection?) When she stops she almost tips the bike over. I only know it was a female because of the pink helmet and her rather large backside compared to her legs.
Reversed in to me and drove off without leaving details
BC26BFNSWAna () :
Utility truck reckless driver almost took out a car in front of us..he is very angry and doesn’t slow down
EHR210NSWjohn cole () :
Total dickhead wanker
DLE94ANSWRozelle () :
Absolute maniac. Got out in his boxers and punched a guys window who was just trying to merge into slow traffic. Looked like a meth addict.
Drives on the wrong side of the road
CPJ61CNSWMatthew () :
Driver seemed to be in a real hurry overtaking multiple cars over double white lines in a 60km/h zone causing myself and other drivers to swerve to avoid a collision not to mention failing to indicate and just not using marked lanes like a normal civilised human.