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1GRJ491WAKiller () :
Bitch, I will kill you.
YV17BRVICSam () :
Truck merged in front of me at a dangerous distance very sudden and abruptly
WAK00FNSWCovid Wuhan () :
Stay 1.5m from me at the lights cunts. Or i'll get ya!!!
DMQ75ENSWFarrina Hulani () :
Sleazy man pulled up next to me at the lights. I could feel someone looking. When i looked over, he had his fingers spread, looking at me and wiggling his tongue between them. Absolutely disgusting. And to top it off, he is old, fat and ugly with a try hard car.
1GBY263WAOskar () :
P plate driver who shouldn’t have got p plates. Tailing, swerving around trying to intimidate non p platers. Time to go back to driving school or keep your impatience in check
DKX95BNSWJanine Ryalmore () :
This car failed to stop for a pedestrian crossing and as the car went through, it struck a teenage boys bike - knocking it over. They didn't even notice and kept driving. I followed trying to get the ladies attention but i could clearly see she was on the phone through the rear window. As we approached a just gone red light, she continued straight through and i lost her. The police would have to know this driver for sure.
1GWS424WAElmo () :
Uber driver on the rampage. Tooting if you're slow off at green lights, cutting in front of others, giving the fingers up, tailing and driving over the limit. People like this who don't give a rats about other road users shouldn't be driving. Rude, reckless and angry.
Very bad and impatient driver overtook 4 cars on double lines speeding at least 100 in an 80 zone on Luddenham Road, total disregard for anyone else on the road.
BTG57GNSWNath () :
Obnoxiously loud exhaust backfiring and popping down Samantha Riley Drive and Hezlett Road. Can't be road legal, and must be given a defect notice or something.
1633ACTA () :
Jesus Christ Gavin, have you calmed down yet?
This person cut me off near Lismore as I was merging into a single lane. They sped up behind me as I put my indicator on and swerved over double unbroken lines to get in front of me. What the hell is wrong with people?
S644AISSAIan Leslie () :
This female driver has an unhealthy respect for the parking road rules she parked within 100 metres of a corner past the white line which ended the area with white stripes indicating no parking past this point when pointed out the cavalier attitude came to the forefront and showed the ignorance of respect for other road users by shrugging the matter off.
687YHUQLDSarah () :
This girl needs to learn how to drive. Who gave her a license she’s going to kill someone!!! Lives near me and see her most days. No blinker, speeding, doesn’t give way. Get her off the road!!
DYC25GNSWAnonymous () :
DYC25G 2018 Brown/Grey Mazda 3 Sedan Vin ending 8879.
Male P plater. Speeding through a 40 zone in front of a hospital. Horns a car pulling out 50m ahead of him (me). Drives past by but seemingly isn't happy about it still so pulls up at the next roundabout to get out of his car. Has second thoughts, decides he wants to get back in, then plows through the roundabout cutting off other cars. Realises he's now being followed and filmed, then speeds away at the first chance he gets. Reported to the police with front/rear dashcam, enjoy mate, hope you lose your license, nobody needs you on the road.

If you do decide to continue your behaviour, I'm sure you'll eventually come across someone who'll help you with some physical correction therapy.
WNI911VICTiffany () :
This driver nearly got me, my mum and my child in an accident due to poor driving and not knowing road rules. Then decides to have a go at us AND CUT US OFF then slammed on his breaks. Nearly went up his rear end.

WNI911VICTiffany () :
This driver nearly got me, my mum and my child in an accident due to poor driving and not knowing road rules. Then decides to have a go at us AND CUT US OFF then slammed on his breaks. Nearly went up his rear end.

This driver clearly has no regard for any other driver or speed zones on the road at all, a real accident waiting to happen.
Cleary this female driver has distance issues, she was practically in my back seat along Elizabeth Drive and passed me in a 60 zone on Badgerys Creek road doing at least 90.
This girl needs to have her licence removed!!!!!!
1EVW332WAFremantle Resident () :
Absolutely crazy!!
Black ute with alloy tray, Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon.
Male driver, with a mousy-haired woman.
Fremantle lighthouse road. Looks like they had dropped off a kid on the Leeuwin.

Was overtaken by a senior driver so this madman started chasing him. Rammed into the senior's car, grinding and pushing until the old man stopped and got out of his car. Then he shoved the old man and only backed off when the woman intervened. Proceeded to tailgate and swerve at the old man as he drove off.

Hopefully this maniac was made to pay for the damage. Reported to the police.
CIC65UNSWHui Wu () :
Was on side of a road with pant down a bit. Dog was lick the front of him from back of car like doing dirty thing with dog. I stop and ask what happen and he say he is feeding dog.