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CE79VRNSWMatt () :
Weaves in and out of traffic, doesn't indicate. Does double the speed limit. All around dangerous driver. No regard for anyone else on the road.
414TIWQLDBillie Buzza () :
This Lancer pulled into the Nundah KFC drive through and scraped the entire left hand side of the car on the KFC building. Once he got to the window he abused the service staff for hitting his car and started carrying on about "macros"?
27NOVNSWanon () :
Carrera running a red light. Vanity plates makes it easy to remember your dangerous driving.
SF2046NSWStrathfield () :
absolute tool dropping his clutch around Strathfield, speeding and generally driving dangerously. Older man in a white luxury vehichle, should know better.
DDE87KNSWAnnette Brandner () :
This lady was on the phone at the lights and when i honked to tell her to get off the phone cause she was all over two lanes, she thought the light was green and drove through. It was red. She almost killed herself and took out a cement truck.
1AIH307WA. () :
Learn how to park, you inconsiderate f*head! 1AIH307
414TIWQLDdon patterson () :
dumb cunt ran a red light and almost hit me
KA60BKNSWSydney city () :
Absolute tools in a JCDecaux van tooting a vehicle for politely waiting for pedestrians, these jokers tooted and tried to run down remaining pedestrians. In their branded work van.. which just seems like a moving advertisement for JCDecaux.
CEC31XNSWStrathfield () :
Male driver of a white van running stop signs on suburban streets. what a tool.
CGL82DNSWSydney city () :
Female driver makes everyone wait behind her while she checks her phone at every red light. Come on, get moving!
CV01AXNSWSarah Drury () :
Insanely bad driver. Possibly drunk? Was on completely wrong side of the road in Unanderra and then moved over and went through a light that had been red for well over a few seconds. This caused the other car about to go through to have to brake hard. Very dangerous!
AY25MENSWJacob () :
Drives like a lunatic. Threw food at another car and tailgated them for 20min.
Very dangerous.
414TIWQLDMisha () :
Saw this car pull into a park at 31/33 O'Keefe St in Woolloongabba where the driver sat for 15 minutes revving his engine and disturbing everyone in the vicinity. When the shop owner came out to ask him to stop he yelled "I'm a race car" and reversed out into traffic without looking.
YKB10QACTConcerned () :
Rude driver. Honked and attempted to cross lanes when no gap was present. Obscene words.
Old man in a red/maroon ?toyota, numberplaye 1BX5DQ.
What does a normal person do when two lanes merge to one after the lights (intersection Cragie Rd and Nepean Hwy, Mount Martha)?
Well, if you’re this Wally you risk an accident to barge in front (even though my vechicle wad more than half a length in front), just to make sure YOU’RE FIRST!! Absolute definition of RUDE. And STUPID. What a sad life you must live if you feel so entitled. Get off the road old man!
DFW22NNSWAnonymous () :
Aggressive (illegal) continuous use of car horn while I was trying to change lanes to make a right turn, before following me and yelling racial slurs out the window.
JBOY85WAMy name () :
A very good boy
BOBWA () :
1DKK295WAAnon () :
Parked in a disabled spot without authorisation.
1DKK295WAcarlos fuente () :
Continually parking in Disabled parking spots without proper authorisation. When challenged became belligerent. Just an arsehole in real life