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PVE209VICRiley () :
Great driving, shitty car
POL941VICRiley () :
Such a horrible driver, almost ran two cars off the road, seems like maybe a 15 yearold who couldn't drive was behind the wheel(was an older woman) going 90 in a 60 zone, swerving left and right.
CN62HENSWJake () :
Erartic driving on the Humy fwy. Cant control speed which varies from 80-130. Excessive lane change, tailgating and drifting over lines. Could be fatigued
BS59RDNSWStrathfield () :
Illegally parked in a know and signposted Clearway. blocking traffic and the bus stop.
DXQ32WNSWStrathfield () :
Illegally parked in a Clearway, blocking a full lane of traffic.
KANGAS69WAKayla Ameir () :
That is my husband, leave him alone fuckheads, or I will shoot you down, one by one.
WTI223VICLisa cameron () :
Beautiful and amazing person gave way to me as I was pregnant, she didn't know that I was pregnant but my father was driving and she let me go first, she smiled and that made my day. If you see this car give it a toot and a smile.
NXR491VICAnomyinous () :
Disgusting approach and swearing, abusive, just because we told her that her dog was loose and harrasing our dog, her dog was possibly a corgiebor something like that, video footage as proof and she was stupid enough to swear and hide her face behind a container as she drive off
Red P-Plater, weaving in and out of lanes, doing 90-100km/h in a 60km/h zone.
Blew through a pedestrian crossing while I was attempting to cross. Didn't even slow down, even though it was a raised crossing.
CE78AFNSWStrathfield () :
White van completely ran a red light on The Boulevard.
S638ALJSAMH () :
Impatient with a slow driver. Honking constantly. Driving on emergency lane on expressway in frustration. Stopping purposely near driver of other car and yelling abuse.
BVA20UNSWAnon () :
Cut off the bus last minute and almost caused an accident at the intersection
BXC85BNSWStrathfield () :
White 4wd BMW parked in a Clearway when there were spaces 20 metres away. left a small, primary school aged, child in the passenger seat. If a car hits the BMW the child, no seatbelt, could be seriously injured. it's rude to park there, but more importantly its very dangerous.
80SSFQLDJames () :
This bloke tried to run me off the road when I was on my bike. When I followed him home he threatened me by trying to run me over, Police did nothing, guess it pays to be rich?
80SSFQLDJane () :
This guy is a moron and well known in the local area as someone who has road rage issues and no regard for anyone else on the road. Despite complaints he still hasn't been taken off the road!!
ARM41HNSWStrathfield () :
Honda CRV, silver blue colour.
ARM41HNSWStrathfield () :
Stopped across traffic light to let out pedestrian, then crossed double lines to make illegal right hand turn, then illegal I turn. P player in a Honda. So dangerous. Missed getting booked by the cops by about 20 seconds, but it won't be long until this driver is arrested, or hurts someone with his dangerous driving.
BJ7830NSWAni () :
This person did not stop at pedestrian crossing even when he has seen me crossing.Such a rude driving it is?
28HTRDNSWJason () :
Female driver with clock tattoo on her forearm threw a lit cigarette from the driver's window