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1EX7XAVICAnnon () :
If you wanna drive like a flog and swerve in and out just go cut a car off... Maybe don’t drive a car with a business name on it... makes the company look bad as well as you looking like a flog.. Otis lifts?
84NTOSNSWSarah Cayir () :
Dirty pig pulled up at lights and was flicking his tounge at me with his fingers to his mouth. Repulsive.
089MTBQLDMirani Liberty () :
This driver is incredibly hazardous to have on Australia’s roads and should be penalised for driving in an unsafe manner especially at a pedestrian crossing and public area.
089MTBQLDMirani Liberty () :
This hazardous driver was seconds close to running me over on a pedestrian crossing at Ballina Fair, NSW. I had almost finished crossing when I saw the female driver coming close very fast in a 20km public zone. I hesitated to finish crossing because her speed felt threatening like she wasn’t about to stop. Luckily I stopped, saving myself just in time as she plowed past.
E54VHTASMatt () :
this happened at 1.40pm btw.
E54VHTASChrissy () :
Driver ran red light at pedestrian crossing of Davey St and Sandy Bay Rd (on parkside). Might have ran over old lady. Dangerous driver- 50's with beard.
JLH078NSWDave () :
Cutting drivers off, tailgating, and overtaking dangerously in Williamtown NSW area.
Attempted to merge in front of us but failed to. Sped up through a puddle next to us and sprayed water throughout the car.
WDF126VICJohn () :
Tailgater, even outside the police station. Even next to the train station where people regularly walk along the road. Do you really need to get to wherever you are going in that much of a hurry? Was the speed limit not enough for you?
Station St Chelsea, 8/1/2019 APPROX 7:40AM
CMU35ZNSWJoe () :
It likes to litter.
1CEM751WAJane () :
I've seen some d-heads since living in Perth, and this guy is no exception. On 2nd January at 4.10pm, he was turning right onto Wellington St in Mosman Park, but before doing so put his hand brake on while skidding his car while I was passing him. Once I did and he turned onto Wellington St, he fishtailed the whole way to the traffic lights at the Stirling Highway intersection. Let's hope next time he does it, he hits a pole and cracks his stupid head - unfortunately that's the only way for these people to understand how wankery they and their actions really are. Good on ya mate, you're a clever one aren't' ya
DNU48HNSWAsh () :
Green P Plater in a Nissan Navara Ute driving like a maniac out at Kurnell towards Cronulla. Speeding and passing over double lines to illegally overtake cars. Drove through round a bouts at high speed and tailgating. Absolute idiot!
1L21TEVICT () :
I was turning left onto chandler highway towards Kew from eastern freeway when Black KIA Sorento turned left in front of me, from the right turn lane, no indicator. They actually cut me off I had to brake hard to avoid collision also.
BTD13KNSWTruck drivers () :
I was driving my truck minding my own business until this driver cut me off, stopped abruptly, then got out of his BMW and shouted "go one on one" at me and my mate. I don't know why he wanted to fight us because we can't even fight...
BTD13KNSWFaizan Hyder () :
He overtook us *snaps fingers* like that. It's dangerous.
BTD13KNSWMuhammad Ali () :
He overtook me and he overtook other cars and he would like zigzag from right to left.
YKA99CACTAdam () :
Erratic driving. Possibly drunk or just a bad driver.
DBF61QNSWJohn () :
Dangerous women, weaving in and out of traffic, cutting everyone off just to get to the next set of lights first.
KANGAS69WAPublic () :
Absolutely shocking driver. Cutting in and out of lanes. Tailgating like a loser. I don’t know what’s he’s rushing home for, nothing that exciting or good looking waiting for him home lol. Guess some guys like them large.
CNX51LNSWOscar () :
Male driver showing me what appeared to look like a Glock pistol after I burned him at a set of lights. Drove dangerously and over speed limit to catch up in traffics so he could display this cowardice. When I confronted him about the aggressive and illegal act, he sped off. Very unaustralian.