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XTP710SAPhil () :
Useless driver in blue Lancer, cut off multiple driver and no indicators
DJD48DNSWAnon () :
Worst driver. All over the road, hesitates on corners and green lights, leaves huge gaps in traffic. Just all around terrible. Please sell your car
KANGS69, if you're reading this: You might want to invest in a watch if you're always in that much of a hurry.
Hadn't seen him in a while as I'd moved away from the Morley area. Sure enough, one morning when it was pitch black, I see headlights speeding towards me before indicating to overtake me and then he cuts me off. Didn't see him after that as he drives that fast and cuts so many people off.

Then a few weeks later, I was jumping onto the Morley Dr & Tonkin Hwy on-ramp when I saw him in front of me and behind two other cars. Apparently his time is too precious, so he does the unthinkable (not unthinkable for him though) and floors it past the two other cars and cuts them off. It's an on-ramp at 5:40am, bro. I think you'll live if you wait behind while they merge onto Tonkin.

How the hell has he kept his license?
A69110WANone () :
On roundabout- going around and pulled out in front of me (I had right of way). Had to lock up to avoid crash.
BJG28QNSWBertha Brown () :
Drives like an absolute hoon... speeds, cuts people off. Definite road rage!
Changed three lanes twice in attempt to get where they are going to on the highway. Indicating when they are already turning. Does not seem to understand how to indicate. Orange car.
AYH609VICAnonymous () :
High beamed and overtook us for no reason
AML888NSWHottie () :
Your a shit driver and you need to loose your license
Over speed limit, riding up right behind me, lights full on. Had to break check few times. Overtook on a corner in a country road at night
192HOFQLDJackson () :
Custom Coaches CB20 Mercedes 815D TRANSLINK BUS
BTU96ENSWJimmy () :
Cunt wouldn't let us in to merge onto eastern distributed even after we started to merge. The wog cunt then shouted obseninties and got out of his car to harass the female driver.
Driving like a flog! Really... you won’t get to places any faster by changing lanes erratically! Be safe!
MO55ADNSWChump () :
What a chump the previous commenter was. Literally posted two comments within a minute of each other and pretended that they were two unrelated people who both thought to visit this website at the exact same time to report the exact same car for the same thing.
Sometimes you have to wonder whether the people making the complaints are in fact the ones who aren't the sharpest bulb in the picnic basket.
CJK44NSWUnhappy driver () :
This driver was on their mobile and driving very slow at 40km/h on a 60 km/h road hindering traffic hour and being a nuisance.
R474WABrad () :
Idiot weaving in and out of traffic at excessive speeds, tailgating and cutting off other cars.
198RTVICRod () :
Dangerous driver putting the safety of themselves or others at risk. Reported to police, video evidence submitted. Hoping police follow up and get him off the road.
BZL12MNSWAnonymous () :
2010 White Audi B5 Sedan, VIN ending 2690

Absolute oxygen theif. Speeding, jumping between lanes, cutting people off.
1DTU544WAGarry () :
Idiot driver speeding through Rockingham, then deciding to brake check people actually doing the speed limit. Obviously lacking downstairs and out to prove something
DMT70QLDMuffins () :
I was stopped at a round about waiting for two cars to pass before I entered the round about she was the 2nd car and decided for no reason to give me the finger then continues to do so at the next set of lights, after confronting her on why she said I never did anything but luckily enough for me, caught it all on the dash cam