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MUZ588NSWLuke () :
dropping a gear and revving your V8 ute to speed and overtake someone on the wrong side of the road in a 50 night

clap, clap.
224XNSQLDON () :
Tries to block motorcycles from legally lane splitting. Is a ginger crybaby.
1ESS648WAGrant () :
time 5:15pm direction -east on Hepburn av after Mirrabooka Av two lanes Driver in silver van with passenger in right lane doing 50km in a 70km zone. Tried to goe around but then they speed up to 70. Could not pass in left as that driver was comfortable sitting on 55-60...but at least they were in the left hand lane. Guy in silver van 1ESS648 constantly slowed sown and speed up blocking carriageway and then passenger decided to take photos of me when i was in the left hand lane. Clearly they think driving is a game and don't know the left hand lane rule as they thought it hilarious with the other car banked up behind us. Its just so simple, keep to the left and let people go about their business. Eventually they after a few kilometers they turned off into Malaga.
Changes lanes at the last minute without indicator, forcing us to brake to avoid running into them.
WDE399VICJade () :
Terrible driving. Failed to perform a head check while changing lanes nearly causing a serious accident involving both myself and another car. Sat in the middle of both lanes swerving in and out of both not sure what to do... my opinion -GET OFF THE ROAD BEFORE YOU KILL SOMEONE
Unsteady driving, oscillating in their own lane, changing lane without signalling, abrupt changes of lanes back and forth.
Terrible terrible driver. Weaving through peak hour traffic almost causing multiple accidents.
115WSZQLDCraig () :
Real wanker. Angry little ice crack head that shouldn’t be on the road. Swerves, drive aggressive and beeps horn to try and get past at 6am in the morning when no one is around and he has plenty of road to pass. Scumbag
DJP60YQLDSteve Fleming () :
This driver did basically a hit and run as he smashed into the back of the car and still has insurance chasing him up 6 months later but even with notices sent to the house, he is not paying the excess and owing $4000!!
31NNIMNSWChloe () :
Dangerous driver. Weaving in and out of traffic on Victoria Road. Excessive speed. Lady was so small you only could see her reflective sunglasses above the steering wheel
OSO51KNSWMark Napthali () :
Tim was in the passenger seat trying to change gears but realised he wasn't driving and was actually using my man meat as a shifter. I didn't stop him though. It was nice. I love my bro.
AH49AHNSWLuke Irwin () :
It's my car and i have sex with my mum.
224HNUQLDSandra () :
This person needs to learn the road rules. Cutting people off, speeding and incorrectly merging in traffic.
CK46TWNSWStrathfield () :
Absolute jerk parking in the Clearway blocking the bus stop. Why?
BS30WJNSWBrycen Trevor () :
This chick bumped into my car yesterday. When i asked for her details she said she would 'blow me' if i let it be. She hopped in my car with me and went crazy. My car wasn't even that bad.
ALV07MNSWStrathfield () :
Driver nearly took out pedestrians on a crossing while turning right off the boulevard without looking. older male driver.
DLU80ENSWStrathfield () :
Blue Lexus does illegal right hand turn across double lines and a pedestrian crossing. very careless female Asian driver, no idea how to drive and putting pedestrians in danger.
UBY532VICthis blokes a stain on humanity () :
cutting off our car at 110 km/hr with kids in the then slowing down and screaming. he will kill people because he likes being a smart arse
DMF53ZNSWDiana () :
Hi all, I was crossing the pedestrian cross a half an hour ago near Coles Supermarket in Dee Why (26 Howard Ave) and was almost hit by blue Volkswagen DMF53Z on P2 licence. There were two more people crossing from the other side and we all signaled driver as he/she was passing the cross. I was from the passenger's side and lady who was sitting there impressed zero emotions regarding me. I follow the car to the car park and took a photo of a number plate. Not to mention that today Police charge doubled demerit points. I regret that didn't ask for contacts details other two people who witnessed it. 25.01.18 6.30pm
DQY49GNSWDavid () :
Wating for a bus. Made it hard to get one.