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1ERX745WAAnonymous () :
Dangerous driving, driving down the line on the road, tailgating, road rage, speeding.

He drives a white work van. I was doing the speed limit, and he was an inch away from my back bumper, essentially ramming me, while trying to swurve around me. He nearly slammed straight into the back of my car and I hadn't even stopped! I put on the brakes a couple of times to give him the hint that he WAS TOO CLOSE! And he starts beeping the horn and abusing me.

This person is literally too stupid and dangerous to drive and should NOT be on the road. Watch out for this arsehole!
CP63ERNSWDean Paton () :
this guy was parked down the harbour last night. I could see light flashing and thought someone was in trouble.when i went over and looked into the car he was masturbating and watching porn on his phone i was right at the window and he didn't even notice he was that into it.
CDI27SNSWJames () :
Cutting across traffic from Lane 1 to Lane 3 just before the lights to get to right turn lane. Causing multiple vehicles behind to emergency brake and stop to avoid an accident. Totally oblivious to surroundings. Hand in your licence and get off the road before you kill someone.
CW98GJNSWNick () :
Aggressively overtaking vehicles using the inside lane and cutting over solid line.
DPA17MNSWWill () :
Failure to give way and driving across solid line just to overtake a bus. Just hand in your licence and go back to New Zealand.
BTR84LNSWasdf () :
DIAZNSWStrathfield () :
Diaz you fool, it's silly dangerous to park in a clearway, and silly to have vanity plates as you're easily reported in your white Subaru.
YQA731VICMK () :
I was turning left and the driver was turning right from the other direction. I had to stop after turning for a van to pass. The driver tailgated and honked aggressively. He then verbally abused me from the side window. Beware of this aggressive driver (rego YQA731).
XV56BKVICS.B. () :
Aggressive truck driver honking and using high beams to intimidate in heavy traffic
JWNQLDAndrew () :
Idiot stops in a keep clear to stop entering traffic from being able to get across lights. Precisely why the keep clear section is there.
A1JATTNSWArthur () :
Refused give way at a round about and started Road Rage behaviour at Holbeche Road, Arndell Park next to Maccas.
BQ39QPNSWJohn () :
Driver pulled up alongside my pregnant wife and screamed racial abuse at her.
EEO42PNSWRobert () :
Driving at dangerous speed approaching corner
1DND669WATim () :
Looks like an underage driver. Can't drive straight on the road like they're distracted on the phone
Almost ran into side, erratic driving, ran a red light.
768WUEQLDJohnny Rotten () :
This guy and his tattooed wife and naughty children went to the drive-in and made noise the whole time. The adults sat in the car using their phones the whole time - not smart enough to turn brightness down, so their entire face was illuminated - while the children wandered about outside talking at full volume, calling out to each other, banging things, putting rocks in tin cans and so on. I'm not sure why they came. Who was watching the movie? Then they left, leaving their rubbish behind as well as their beer-branded esky.
1EXT878WAAlan () :
P Plat driver with obsessive tailgating, failing to indicate and generally very bad driving. Appears to be either drunk or drugged up.
597SZRQLDAndrew () :
Extreme dangerous close pass of cyclist witnessed and videoed on Wynnum Rd outbound. Complete disregard for safety of the cyclist turning right. Passed at full speed with probably 10cm clearance and lucky it didn't result in a fatality. Details have been passed to the police - the driver should be locked up.
DLJ78WNSWMatt () :
This idiot cannot hold a lane, indicate let alone drive a vehicle. Drifts into other lanes with people in them and couldn't care less. An imbisile to say the least.
CS74GHNSWNoemi () :
Reckless driver, didn’t stop at the signal and almost run me over