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YBV03CACTZac Dunstan () :
He ran over my child
BZH05NSWGai Boi that Thicc () :
Thank You I’m am 6
1ARO430WAMe () :
CRE46ZNSWSteve jobs () :
Noice I am your man soz, my goat was home alone
UOL711VICSteve Jobs () :
I like ice Cream so I throw ice Cream at old people in them old people places that I set on fire
CYZ92ZNSWStrathfield () :
illegally parked in a Clearway blocking a lane of traffic and the bus stop.
KANGAS69WALuxury Driver () :
I also had a recent running with this driver, I asked politely for him to pull over after the incident which he failed to do so. I concur with the detailed driving descriptions provided by previous posts.
V65194NSWTina () :
Tailgating on highway.
Unsafe merging.
Green ford falcon. I've had multiple runnings with this driver . He works for business located in Tomah Rd Welshpool. Lives somewhere off Morley drive in Noranda.
He Tailgates , extreme lane changing, abusive & zero care for other driver. He will eventually kill someone with his driving. Crush his car and cancel his license.
DQJ09YNSWWarren () :
Tosser threw a cigarette from the passenger window while a learner was driving the vehicle. Good teaching there!
AMH68GNSWWarren () :
This tosser threw a lit cigarette from the driver's window on Sunnyholt Rd.
YAT022VICPerry () :
Intentionally trying to cause accindents, swerving along gravel roads to make rocks fling at cars overall terrible driver.
V7MNSWStrathfield () :
parked in a no stopping zone when there was a vacant space a car length away.
MD0569NSWJohn () :
Witnessed this car speeding easily 140km in 100 zone right side brake light out. Failed to indicate weaving in and out of traffic. Overtook dangerously and ran a suzuki swift off the road.
YBA14MNSWByron () :
Terrible driving; cut me off in traffic
AFD190VICBill () :
Grey Skoda Yeti Vic Reg AFD190. Tailgating, waving fist and swerving to get past in peak single lane traffic this morning. When the road went to two lanes he went past gave the figure and promptly started tailgating the poor next person. All this in Canberra peak hour traffic which is nothing like peak hour traffic in a major city. They must have a fantastic job that they're keen to get to. The owner's probably been living in Canberra for some time and not bothered to change the rego from Vic to ACT.
CA52WSNSWGoulburn street () :
Tooted pedestrians on Goulburn st after trying to run down pedestrians on Pitt street. this driver is a menace to public safety.
MUZ588NSWLuke () :
dropping a gear and revving your V8 ute to speed and overtake someone on the wrong side of the road in a 50 night

clap, clap.
224XNSQLDON () :
Tries to block motorcycles from legally lane splitting. Is a ginger crybaby.
1ESS648WAGrant () :
time 5:15pm direction -east on Hepburn av after Mirrabooka Av two lanes Driver in silver van with passenger in right lane doing 50km in a 70km zone. Tried to goe around but then they speed up to 70. Could not pass in left as that driver was comfortable sitting on 55-60...but at least they were in the left hand lane. Guy in silver van 1ESS648 constantly slowed sown and speed up blocking carriageway and then passenger decided to take photos of me when i was in the left hand lane. Clearly they think driving is a game and don't know the left hand lane rule as they thought it hilarious with the other car banked up behind us. Its just so simple, keep to the left and let people go about their business. Eventually they after a few kilometers they turned off into Malaga.