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JENOMANSWStrathfield () :
White jeep illegally parked blocking roundAbout, older Caucasian woman sitting in driver's seat, not caring that people behind her are beeping and having to back up just to make the roundAbout turn.
YDJ005VICJedd Salter () :
Elderly woman, erratic driving, speeding, passing traffic in side streets , pulling out in front of oncoming traffic.
CO27BENSWJacinta () :
Left their dog in car in underground carpark for over an hour
(Reported to shopping centre security)
ASZ220VICSenryb () :
Black BMW, 3 series. Had a red P plate. Was dangerously fishtailing and tailgating people in Altona North and then violently overtook people with ridiculously little space, before driving off at about 90 in a 60 zone. Nearly caused an accident. Watch out for this person.
80SSFQLDJim () :
This bloke is a tosser! He overtook me on the left in a car park turning lane and accused me of driving half the speed limit when I had a car in front of me
NDC77QLDOliver Sutton () :
Bloody kid was driving, slowly invaded my lane without indicating. I then saw in his mirror he had the nerves to shake his head.
Another driver who got his license in a Kinder egg!
ATA05UNSWBethany () :
This guy exceeds the speed limit down country roads fails to slow down when horses being ridden on road has caused us to fall. Kids to scared to ride there now and he has tail gated us when driving complete Idoor has red p hidden by front number plate no p on back at all
CND61YNSWJack () :
Saw this driver tail gate dangerously tonight whilst flashing lights and beeping horn behind car in front for no reason then proceeded to drive past yelling at and abusing the driver. The victim did nothing wrong to warrant this road rage.
ASJ664VICHelen Kelly () :
Irresponsible driver on P plates not stopping at pedestrian crossings and nearly running pedestrian over.
454YJNQLDAnne () :
Sped around and did burnouts on neighbourhood streets three times
DPR22BNSWGoulburn Street () :
Black HiLux
DPR22BNSWGoulburn Street () :
Male driver in a cap ran a red light on Goulburn st nearly taking out pedestrians.
DVF51LNSWMonica () :
he didn't stop at a pedestrian crossing
Shaving whilst driving... Seriously?
YME23FACTTara () :
Tailgated me for 5kms down a dirt road that's 60km/hr. I was doing 70! Then proceeded to flip me off when they turned off the road.
412RAPQLDOllie () :
Erratic driver, nearly caused an accident...
KIMMIQLDOld mate () :
Spotted this vehicle occupying the right hand lane of the Bruce Highway heading south from the sunshine coast. Seemed oblivious to any other vehicles on the road. Wasn't overtaking anyone and constantly varying their speed.

A few people were held up for quite a while before passing on the left.

Other motorists flashed their lights to indicate that maybe they should check their mirror and move left or overtake.

Was still sitting obliviously in the right lane last I saw.
Prick in a Ute, hassling L Platers in Ermington, in a quiet street.
982WKBQLDKevin Campbell () :
Saw this lunatic driving down the wrong side of the road.
AWC007QLDShez () :
Hopefully this comment goes towards making our roads safer