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BIA31WNSWGoulburn st Sydney () :
Jerk older male driver tried to run down pedestrians as he couldn't just wait for the green arrow leaving a car park. This foul fat old man made a "kissing" gesture at me with his mouth, just never in your wildest dreams, you revolting pig. Maybe along with manners you can also learn the road rules.
BIK65UNSWHa () :
Woman driver, tailgaiting every car she followed through several suburbs. Clearly in too much of a rush to park her 2009 Silver Nissan Dualis in front of Clearmont Meadows Pharmacy and then casually walk on down to Claremont Meadows Public School.
AQJ86DNSWAnnoyed () :
Angry, overweight, older gentleman. Dangerous driving, including accelerating while being overtaken. Ford Falcon ute.
KANGAS69WAHmm... () :
Saw him going at least 85 or 90 in a 70 zone this morning, the night after constant heavy rain. Then saw him impatiently overtake not one, but TWO vehicles on a highway onramp
YJU72EACTJacob () :

Inconsiderate bitch stopping to pick-up a passenger adjacent to a driveway and around a bend. Despite being illegal to stop her vehicle there, she also failed to indicate.

Too lazy to have driven into the carpark of that driveway to collect the passenger in the dedicated pick-up zone.
stopped in a clearway, cars tooting her made no difference.
Swerving back and forth on the Pacific Highway, paying little attention to the road. Very dangerous driver
MP1974NSWAnonymous () :
Nearly caused 2 collisions on Pennant Hills road tonight by pulling out into oncoming traffic without indicating and chasing down the same driver and cutting them off again- absolutely unneccessary. This woman is a disgrace and should be ashamed of herself, no one deserves that when we're just trying to get home after an 11 hour day in surgery. You're a pathetic example of a human being
1EG1VXVICAnon () :
APD47PNSWDes () :
Always cutting corners and speeding around local streets. Drives aggressively, will tailgate, stalk and harass other drivers also.
SV0074NSWYea Nah () :
This guy drives like an absolute tool with no regard for anyone else. He was driving very aggressively by tailgating and cutting people off in their lanes all the way up the Great Western Highway.

To the driver, you are incredibly foolish to do that in a work car with your business information all over it. How can anyone trust you to clean their car when the way you drive shows that you have no respect for your own or anyone else car or safety on the road? Do the planet a favor, stop stealing oxygen and become a single vehicle statistic!
1EJM413NSWD () :
Weaving in and out of traffic without indicating. Other people having to slow down around cause this guy is driving so reckless! Near Hornsby NSW
968XXEQLDCody Stavros () :
Absolute nugget almost hit me on my motorcycle while overtaking me at great speed. He was partially in my lane when he did so. I also have video footage of this that will be passed onto local police. Nugget needs a hiding, hes lucky I didnt catch up to him.
CHL33MNSWMatt () :
Overtakes on double white lines in a residential area doing 20-30ks more than the speed limit. (Being a 50km/h zone)
Dangerous, scary and beyond stupid.
1MA1KKVICJulie () :
Reckless driving, attempting to overtake in a 50kph zone. Tail gating me through a 40km school zone in the morning. Eventually overtaking in a 60km zone and cutting me off when entering back into my lane. Gesticulating with his hands to get me out of the way, tooting his horn loudly at me as I stopped at a roundabout. This guy is seriously an impatient, bad driver.
OOP009NSWbystander () :
Saw this man scream at a woman about litter - seemed unhinged and drove off in a hurry. Unstable man definitely should not be on the roads!
XTP710SAPhil () :
Useless driver in blue Lancer, cut off multiple driver and no indicators
DJD48DNSWAnon () :
Worst driver. All over the road, hesitates on corners and green lights, leaves huge gaps in traffic. Just all around terrible. Please sell your car
KANGS69, if you're reading this: You might want to invest in a watch if you're always in that much of a hurry.
Hadn't seen him in a while as I'd moved away from the Morley area. Sure enough, one morning when it was pitch black, I see headlights speeding towards me before indicating to overtake me and then he cuts me off. Didn't see him after that as he drives that fast and cuts so many people off.

Then a few weeks later, I was jumping onto the Morley Dr & Tonkin Hwy on-ramp when I saw him in front of me and behind two other cars. Apparently his time is too precious, so he does the unthinkable (not unthinkable for him though) and floors it past the two other cars and cuts them off. It's an on-ramp at 5:40am, bro. I think you'll live if you wait behind while they merge onto Tonkin.

How the hell has he kept his license?