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YDK777VICM () :
Dangerous driver, drives below 100km/h in the far right lane and then brakes when your behind to try pick a fight/ argument.
DAI53HNSWStven () :
Was driving along pacific highway in Tuggerah in the wet when this driver in the outside lane of a roundabout cut to the inside of the roundabout cutting me off with 3 small children in, then accelerated like a lunatic erratically changing lanes then stuck his finger up and me and yelled abuse to me. Sometimes people need to take a breath and realise that you have made a mistake and consider raising you hand in an effort to acknowledge the near miss and get in with life.
1EON755WAKyle () :
The idiot woman driving this car rear ended my wife while she was stopped at a red light. She then abused and tried to blame my wife, telling her that she was the one who reversed into her, and then left the scene by speeding off through a 40kmh school zone once my wife had pulled over to exchange details. Little does she know my wife has a Dashcam in her car, so I hope she enjoys the visit from the cops.
NSMWAGarry () :
Needs to learn how to change lanes properly
TOH1WAJas () :
Driven by someone who appears to be away with the fairies and has very little control over such a large jacked up ute.
A true “all the gear - no idea” type.
I’m glad I’m not their insurance company.
MOZ169NSWStrathfield () :
p plater in dual cab ute driving like a maniac around Strathfield. crossed double lines doing an illegal right hand turn then ran the red light on morwick street. vanity plates makes it easy. and Moz, you tool, if you drive like that it's bad for the engine.
AAAR99SAphil () :
Very bad driver that needs eyes checked, big danger to public roads and drivers
DN00RDNSWMikhail () :
Extreme cut in after tailgating
VWK557NSWAMc () :
The driver of this vehicle not only thinks it is okay to park in a driveway but also on the footpath. When confronted they were vile and rude - but hiding in the safety of their vehicle. Rude entitled cowards.
This person not only thinks it is okay to park in a driveway for hours but insists on being smug about it. Very rude and entitled.
This guy is a total f'ckwit. He needs to have his licence suspended. I've seen him cause several potentially deadly incidents on Tonkin Highway and I suspect he is driving post meth binge.
1CMK832WABertie () :
Absolute tool who thinks half a second of indicating means he can drift into the next lane... even when there is a car in his way.
On Friday night 22/2 9.05pm a Driver of white sports hatch stopped over the crossing in Gloucester St at Gladstone Rd Highgate Hill Brisbane completely blocking it and also had front of vehicle into Gladstone Rd
HDKAWWAJason () :
See this guy on his bike on the way to and from work most mornings. He always gives me a thumbs up or some sort of signal to say thanks when I move over for him as he filters through slow moving traffic. He does it at a reasonable speed as well, which I can't say the same for a lot of other motorcyclists. One time I saw him signal the driver in front of me to put their phone down, which I thoroughly enjoyed as that driver was all over the road and braking erratically which was no fun for me being behind them in peak hour. They seemed to stop after that, for the rest of that day's drive anyway.
1DXF712WANot 1DXF712 () :
One of the most considerate and pleasant drivers on the roads. Always lets cars in ahead of him if stopped and he conforms to the zipper routine while merging. Never goes too fast or too slow. Everybody should buy this guy a drink when they see him, not that he would drink it while driving anyway.
KANGAS69WAAnon () :
See him most mornings driving on Tonkin hwy southbound. Swerving through traffic like an idiot and causing others to slam on brakes to avoid the maniac. Only a matter of time before he causes a pile-up.
WSG573VICPete () :
This driver has no respect for other drivers and vehicles pushing in and almost causing collisions and giving other drivers the finger when she does this. A menus on the road
1GJT333WAThe other car () :
Crazy male driver, arm full of tattoos. Will ride up your ass and then high beam you for no reason. Even if there is traffic around. Disgusting. Beware of this fucking dickhead, almost caused me to have a crash. I hope he’s reading this you fucking twatt
88METJNSWStrathfield () :
Illegal right hand turn across a red light. If you are going to have vanity plates, you are easily identified when you drive dangerously.
Blatantly and dangerously illegally parked to go to the bank, blocking an entire lane of traffic. That's why people are tooting you!!