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ZYM633VICMelbourne () :
ZYM633 or is ZYM623 was tailgating me on Middlesborough Road and decided to overtake me by driving well over the speed limit and then drive below the speed limit and suddenly brake in the hopes I'd rear end him. Had to turn right so had no choice but to stay in that lane. Dangerous and vindictive hoonish behavour.
CQ55THNSWScott () :
Car with advertised on the side. Failed to allow merging traffic into his lane. Cut off another driver by abruptly changing lanes in front of the other car just a minute later. Both of these almost caused accidents.
00D000VICAndrew () :
Fkn idiot woman, dog hanging out window while driving on phone, fails to indicate
1JO5ULVICWitness () :
Disgusting driving, disgusting language and a filthy attitude. Yelling out abuse at my car in a 40 zone during school dropoff hours and speeding within the 40 zone. You should be ashamed of yourself.
E82NPTASMi () :
Excess speed, tail gating dangerously, swerving from lane to lane. Ute well loaded with cement mixer, wheelbarrow etc. Male driver.
E82NPTASMi () :
Speeding. Well over the posted 110 kph speed limit.
ALE68GNSWConcerned () :
Peak hour, southbound. The shaved head guy driving cut across a solid line on the approach to the Harbour Tunnel to force his way in to the far right lane, blocking the lane he was exiting in the meantime. No care at all, as he was texting at the time... which continued until all the way through the tunnel... and made for erratic stops starts. Get off your phone.
AFA580VICbobby () :
Repeatedly changing lanes without indicating, forcing other cars to brake and make way
CYN03LNSWStrathfield () :
Aggressive middle aged Asian man parked in a Clearway blocking traffic and the bus. Screamed aggressively when he was tooted by a car who nearly hit him and had to slam on the brakes. Driver finally sped off around a corner, screaming so loud pedestrians could hear, driver nearly losing control. Don't drive angry people!
ZXA938VICAngela () :
Mercedes overtook another car on a 2 way traffic road . Did not pull back, but stayed travelling on wrong side of road up to crest of a hill where another car was travelling. As both cars crested the hill they both had to veer away to avoid a head on collision
GDVICAnon () :
Man driving it crossed three lanes on Frankston freeway to overtake a small blue car and chipped our windscreen.
ZPZ367VICAndrew () :
Absolutely no regard for any other cars on the road, veering across lanes without indicating forcing others to brake or crash while speeding everywhere.

Around 2 lane corners just swinging wide over 2 lanes, or cutting straight across lanes on 2 lane round abouts.
silver Mercedes. not BMW.
silver bmw illegally parked in a Clearway, blocking an entire lane of traffic and the bus stop. so dangerous.
1MA1KKVICVegan () :
Reckless driving
CHD34MNSWMatt () :
So bad!
976SMGQLDAndrew () :
Speeding, close passing cyclists. Makes no attempt to share the road and give space. Fishing rod holders incorrectly mounted to centre of bullbar just so they can do maximum damage to anything that they hit.
520MURQLDBianca () :
This driver is an absolute loser. Cutting off traffic, not indicating at all. Completely oblivious to the road rules or just plain stupid is my guess. Have reported to police with dash cam footage.
DFA480NSWStrathfield () :
Driver with a red vehicle and clearly, a tiny male part, just had to wildly overtake two cars on the wrong side of the road, because he couldn't wait 5 seconds for someone to park. Driving skills very poor, can't control such a powerful vehicle, a touch of the accelerator nearly made him lose control. embarrassing display.
246XFJQLDJM () :
I was driving with my baby in the car. This car has cut me off I had to break and almost had another car run up my rear end. This driver the proceeds to do reckless driving he almost hit another car because they were doing the speed limit and he wanted them to go faster