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CZ48EONSWTom () :
Drives like a w****r everyday
Z57677NSWMohammed () :
Is a trailer parked in yard. to much red and makein the garden look bad.
MCD011NSWDr Peter Jolliffe () :
Insane. On the phone CONSTANTLY with no regard at all for anyone or anything. I sounded my horn and a s**t storm started. Screaming, spitting, hands flying and all at the stopped traffic lights for everybody's amusement. Obviously has momey though - driving a Merc. A shitbox one, but still a Merc.
EGV80SNSWJennifer Asquith () :
Young asian female talking on the phone. All over the road. Hopeless.
S419BHKSAJames () :
Black Toyota Hilux S419 BHK tailgating, flashing his lights, swerving past and cutting in, jumping on his brakes for no reason, weaving from lane to lane.
All in peak hour traffic from red light to red light.
Looked like an 18 year old blonde man off his head on something
CW14HNNSWAn () :
D*** head of a driver
Fails to give way
Thinks he’s top s***
RLD712VICbobbly () :
This driver is so damn dangerous, could have killed me. not to mention run into the rear of my car at a major. intersection and potentially cause more damage.. this person shoulkd not be on the road
MCD011NSWLana Rhodes () :
This insanely stupid woman did not hop off her phone for the entire 5mins i was behind her. She was swerving between 2 lanes texting and looking down then openly had her phone up to her ear without a care in a school zone as i could see her on it in her side mirror. When i finally had enough, i beeped at her and she slammed her brakes on and spat out the window. It didn't even come in my direction. It just went sideways out her window. Disgusting.
1RGX221WATama () :
He good driver just needs a new truck
1HA9XQVICMick () :
Spatial awareness of a pebble.
EHG85ZNSWStrathfield () :
Not only did he run the stop sign, but decided to overtake the car that was stopped on the wrong side of the road. super dangerous driver.
147TNSQLDJeff () :
Reckless. Swerves in and out of lanes. Speeds. Cant stay in the lines. Tailgates until he can get around someone.
YHF51WNSWMichael K () :
Absolute maniac on the road. Have seen this piece of garbage multiple times at our local shops. Has pulled out in front of me before and when I beeped he proceeded to give me the finger and hurl abuse out the window. Needs to be taken off the road.
Terrible driver who hurls verbal abuse at female drivers.
Threatened to "break your fucking neck" to one, after he completely messed up pulling his piece of shit jeep out of a parking spot and she beeped her horn at him.
Filthy animal.
VIX109QLDTony () :
Traveling on the Inner City Bypass towards Kelvin Grove, this driver (in the left lane and along side me, in fact dead level with me), decided he wanted to travel in the lane that I was already occupying and proceeded to pull across and then put his indicator on. I noticed the indicator and could not believe that he just continued to pull across (I was also driving a much bigger vehicle and could hardly have been missed "if he even bothered to look"), I quickly slammed the brakes on and blasted the horn to which, his response was to continue and give me the middle finger.
DVG52XNSWPeter () :
Speeds everywhere and blast too loud music
DLJ73RNSWSean () :
Terrible driver, runs redlights constantly
Where did you get your license from? A bloody cereal box? You need to go to Specsavers before you actually kill someone. This is the second time in 3 weeks that you've sped along Midnight Avenue, approached a junction where you have to give way (you know the one, near the playground), but just rolled on through without a care in the world while you're staring at me! You clearly need help, so I'd love to help you lose that cereal box license. Do it again so I can make a police report with 3 sets of dashcam footage as evidence. Might be a bit hard to drive your overloaded trade ute (also, have you ever heard of a secure load?) and earn an income without a license. Maybe having someone else help mess up your life will help you bloody wake up to yourself before you actually mess up someone else's with the way you drive...
DMJ52TNSWScared () :
Obnoxious white male driver.
Speeding and tailgating on Prospect Highway, weaving in and out of traffic, sitting on bumper of car in front until a gap opened to weave into.
Ended up coming alongside this driver where two lanes merge into one. He refused to allow it to work like a zipper, despite there being a large enough gap in front of him and my car being the further forward of the two - instead he deliberately sped up and then kept alongside me to force me to have to stop and wait to go behind him. He then gave me the finger and continued to do so for another few hundred meters before I had to turn off the road. Again, more gestures as I drove away.
A very angry, violent man.
888SENNSWBrian () :
Absolute maniac. Tailgating, high-beam flashing and driving alongside me on freeway trying to get my attention.