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Lana Rhodes(19/11/20, 9:52 am):
Comments: This insanely stupid woman did not hop off her phone for the entire 5mins i was behind her. She was swerving between 2 lanes texting and looking down then openly had her phone up to her ear without a care in a school zone as i could see her on it in her side mirror. When i finally had enough, i beeped at her and she slammed her brakes on and spat out the window. It didn't even come in my direction. It just went sideways out her window. Disgusting.
Dr Peter Jolliffe(2/12/20, 9:57 pm):
Comments: Insane. On the phone CONSTANTLY with no regard at all for anyone or anything. I sounded my horn and a s**t storm started. Screaming, spitting, hands flying and all at the stopped traffic lights for everybody's amusement. Obviously has momey though - driving a Merc. A shitbox one, but still a Merc.

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