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Anonymous(20/5/14, 3:42 pm):
Comments: Driving home on Monday night I was on Majura road going through the last round about next to McDonalds. A nice new black Jeep that was clearly behind me decided to drive side by side instead of giving way. We were in one lane and I thought I was going to be pushed into oncoming traffic so I slammed on my brakes to let the driver by. I held my horn on while the driver went past and they just looked at me like I was an idiot. I am happy to say I will never buy anything from Jayco Queanbeyan/Canberra as long as I live.
ANONY Mous(6/11/15, 6:36 am):
Comments: Hi, I was a tailgating victim of JAYCO1 this morning just before 6am along Fairbairn Avenue from Northcott Drive to Majura Pkwy. Obviously didn't care that the speed limit was 60kmh and that 1m is not a safe distance to follow. Middle age male driver didn't like my cruise control set to 60 gave me the evil eye as I turned off.

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