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David(13/6/14, 2:17 pm):
Comments: Absolutely moronic and self-obsessed red coupe/other small car driver at the intersection of Antill St and Northbourne in Dickson/Downer, Canberra, ACT. Registration YES-18G. A very rainy day, and she's going faster and more carelessly than most people would on a sunny spring morning. Was about to walk across the pedestrian lines, where she SHOULD have given way. Instead, this fat whale was too busy stuffing her face with food and turning as fast as possible onto Antill St. Would have completely knocked me over - and injured or killed me - if I hadn't held myself back. PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD, especially on a rainy day, you gluttonous sack of human waste. If I do it in the rain weighing 90 kilograms on foot, you should be doing it with your nearly ONE TONNE hunk of metal.

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