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Jim(5/8/11, 8:42 pm):
Comments: The guy lent on his horn when I was on front of him at the lights and could not go because pedestrians were still crossing the road. I gestured at the pedestrians but he just kept honking. He then tailgated me out of the intersection and cut another car off in order to be beside my car at the next lights. He had a little screaming tantrum at me through the window, all because he was delayed by a few seconds. His passenger yelled abuse at me and took a picture of me with his mobile phone, presumably just to be irritating. They had no response to my comment that I couldn't very well just run people over just because they're feeling impatient today, they just kept yelling and then sped off at a ridiculous speed. He cut off several others drivers as he sped away and weaved through the lanes. I guess he was in a hurry to get to his Douchebags Anonymous meeting?

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