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Maree H(27/9/13, 9:39 am):
Comments: Toyota Hilux. The driver almost ran me off the road at 0810 on Friday 27/09/2013. I was going through a round about out the front of Brindabella Park in the ACT, very heavy traffic. All merging politely. I was ahead of this guy heading into the merge lane when he decides to overtake me from behind nearly running me off the road. Luckily I didn't have my 2 year old in the car with me at the time. He knew exactly what he was doing, A big road bully in his big work car. At a guess I'm sure it's not the first time or the last time. Do idiots like this think about the consequences of putting other people's lives in danger? Not to mention I'm pregnant with our 2nd child.

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