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Darren(10/3/12, 12:21 am):
Comments: I was riding through a roundabout and was almost knocked off my bike by this fool when we came out of the roundabout and my lane ended. I sped up creating 2 cars lengths between us, indicated and was merging when this fool sped past me, just missing my handlebar. I followed her while she continued to speed away at at least 100km in an 80km zone which turned into 40km for road works. She was zipping in and out of lanes & overtaking everyone in her way. When I caught up to her 3 kms down the road at traffic lights she slammed the brake on at the green light making me rear end her. She claimed she was "giving way" (after her erratic driving) to someone who had their blinker on AND she dropped a cigarette on her lap... Im obviously at fault by law, which she pointed out several times to me and 3 witnesses who stopped to help me, but it doesn't mean she didn't try to knock me off my bike TWICE! Watch out for this lunatic, she'll kill you and smile about it...
Darren(10/3/12, 4:07 am):
Comments: I failed to mention, she cut in front of me then braked for no reason...

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