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Darren Baldwin(19/3/16, 4:59 pm):
Comments: I watched this guy push a trolley into my car and take paint off. When I approached him he denied it and said he didn't have a trolley and was just going to put bets on but had about 10 shopping bags in the back of his ute. I told him to put the trolley away at least and he said "I couldn't find a trolley bay close by." I said how would you know if you didn't have a trolley? He then said well I don't care about your car anyway and my car has been hit by a trolley before so bad luck. He then got in his car and took off. As he turned out he yelled "haha, prove it, haha.." I can't believe there are knobs like this in the world...
Tiarna Jefferies.(22/3/16, 6:56 am):
Comments: This filthy pig was flicking his tongue at me and my 18 year old daughter at the traffic lights. When i wound the window up he started laughing and then yelled out 'sluts.'
Marcus Delany(5/4/16, 4:00 pm):
Comments: Very suspicious. Drove past Port Kembla High School at least 8 times on school finishing. Never picked anyone up but was looking around for someone.
Janice(15/4/16, 11:46 am):
Comments: This man was hanging around my car at Westfield Warrawong. When i asked if he was ok he told me he was just looking in my car. Then he walked off and i could see him watching me from around the corner. Very strange.

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