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Fordfalcongt(6/8/16, 3:23 pm):
Comments: Unbelievably dangerous and selfish driver in a blacked out 2006 Mercedes ML. Queue of cars waiting to turn left from Bay Rd Taren Point on to Taren Point Rd at 3pm on a Saturday. He drives on the wrong side of the road past everyone, when an oncoming car was coming, to jump the queue and turns left when another car, a Mazda CX9 was turning left. The Mazda honked his horn. The rest of the trip southbound down Taren Point Road, an altercation was happening between the two cars, where the Mercedes made several unsafe lane changes, swerving at the Mazda when he was next to him, and making several rude hand gestures out the window. I had my dash camera on, but didn't manage to get everything recorded. Absolute scum.

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