NSW Plate: BK583

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This plate has been listed as belonging to the following cars on this site:

Make Model Year Colour
HyundaiSanta FeBlue


Sarah Culpit(12/7/17, 7:33 pm):
Comments: Lady owner of this vehicle was dumping rubbish in bushes at Puckey's Estate. I wound the window down and said: "this isn't a dumping ground." She said: "hold on a second you nosey cunt" and went to the front of the car and pulled out a knife. I immediately drove off and she picked up a rock and threw it at my car. It missed by a mile but she was gesturing with her finger across her throat. Very scary. Beware!
Josh Dalson(16/7/17, 9:00 pm):
Comments: Lady in this car threw a coffee onto my windscreen at the traffic lights and sat there laughing. My girlfriend in the passenger seat wound the window down and yelled out hey. The lady yelled back do you want a kitchen knife in your face you little slut then sat there as if nothing happened. Very wierd.

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