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fordfalcongt(29/10/16, 10:16 am):
Comments: Arrogant driver. For a man in his 60s his driving was very disrespectful to others and had the entitled signs that he thinks he owns the road. I was near him for a few kilometres going from the Shire to St George in Sydney. He would initially start slow from lights but then accelerate irresponsibly from lights just to stop people from merging into his lane. Eventually it was my turn and we were side by side at a light on King Georges Rd in South Hurstville. I had out accelerated him from a light and was 3 car lengths ahead when i noticed he floored his accelerator. He came along side me and merged into my lane no more than 30cm in front of me with no indicators. I honked cos he scared me but there was no acknowledgment of his wrong doing. He had no reason to merge lanes as we were on a straight bit of road with no blockers ahead. Entitled loser with a thoroughly mediocre car.

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