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Asher Karim(26/7/16, 5:10 pm):
Comments: This vehicle was involved in an accident on 20th of May 2016 (2:30pm) around in Oran Park and Harrington Grove, this incident happened in Dan Clearly Drive when I was about to turn right on to Oran Park Drive, driving my silver Honda Accord Euro 2007 model. This Green P plated girl driver (named Georgia Kokotovic) wasn't patient or probably talking to her Boyfriend, somehow managed to make an impact behind my rear lip bumper of my Honda shockingly got out of the car seeing a cosmetic damage, later on I instructed her to pullout of the next intersection so I can write her details, I was depressed and I had a tutoring class at that schedule so she took my book to write her plate number, name and mobile no. EXCEPT her license number, this somehow got to the point she's bypassing my insurance payment fees of the damage so she can have the usual life without seeing it, even I tried calling her when I arrived home she rejected my call fifteen times and after that she said she was driving, I mean you should equip a hands free on your 2011 cruze I which for my car I spent 200 dollars on putting a Bluetooth in, after those rejections she thinks I'm harassing her which is a way to put me into jail (NOT), I asked her for the insurance number and says "Let my mum do the rest I dont know about those stuff" (How did you even passed your L's test MISS). After all those months concentrating on my Uni work I failed one unit except other three. She refuses to payback the damage fees of what she's done and being a dodgy driver too. For this conclusion I want to let out my stress by commenting this brief story as to show you drivers in my area, DO NOT let this driver be your upcoming victim on the road. Hopefully her insurer notifies the driver about the incident, which I won't comment on that anyways.

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