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Make Model Year Colour
Holden HDTCommodore SS2004Red


Anon(7/5/13, 9:32 am):
Comments: Almost running myself, and several others off the road, at the end of overtaking lanes, including a driver towing a horse float, stupidity. Tailgating my car during overtaking lanes, while I was doing the correct speed limit, are you serious? Then you try to overtake me and almost push me into the bush. Whilst watching you overtake others I noticed that you never indicate to overtake others and your speed varies greatly. I know the road rules, and you need to go back and get some lessons. Whilst discussing the situation with my partner he also noted that he has seen you driving like an idiot on the road. You have "BOSSR8" number plates, do you honestly think someone is going to forget them? You need to learn how to drive all over again, it's people like you that cause accidents buddy!

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