NSW Plate: BS30WJ

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This plate has been listed as belonging to the following car on this site:

Make Model Year Colour
ToyotaHiLux1990Dark Grey


Danielle Sawyer(18/9/17, 6:01 pm):
Comments: Young P plate girl overtook me whilst i was doing 40 in a school zone. She was on her phone and on the wrong side of the road in school hours. She spat out the window at me when she got infront and slammed her brakes on. Absolute maniac. How she is still alive when she drives like that puzzles me?
Brycen Trevor(5/2/18, 1:25 pm):
Comments: This chick bumped into my car yesterday. When i asked for her details she said she would 'blow me' if i let it be. She hopped in my car with me and went crazy. My car wasn't even that bad.

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