NSW Plate: BX68UX

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Chris (13/8/14, 7:37 am):
Comments: This driver here ladies and gents is the worlds number 1 FW.......the ultimate moron on wheels. Drives a white FORD V8 ute with an exhaust that sounds like shit. This brain dead moron decided to rev his heap of shit and spin his wheels -at times causing the arse end to flick out-from brighten le sands through to Tom Uglys bridge in Sydney peak hour traffic whilst at night when RAINING! He also spun the wheels around corners with cars either side of him. We've got the whole lot on HD Video. Absolute fn brain dead moron. No one thinks your cool with your shit sounding heap of shit $2 ute. Keep smoking too so you can die before killing anyone else. Technology is lovely though.......entire video is on youtube and sent to police.......F'WIT!!!!!!!

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