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Jasmine(27/4/15, 2:52 pm):
Comments: CAR: 2004 YELLOW LAMBORGHINI L140 GALLARDO COUPE REGO: BZH36L LOCATION: MERRYLANDS This driver would have to be one of the most rudest, selfish and dangerous drivers you would ever see. This guy would run over you, your kids and even his own to show off his car. He drives a 2004 yellow lamborghini and all he does is speed around quiet residentials street. We have a popular children's park and this idiot just races up and down, revving his engine till it backfires and scaring anyone who is nearby. The car is so loud that your doors and windows vibrate and I can't believe he hasn't run over and killed someone yet. Today, I just caught his number plate so I will be reporting it to the police but please be careful if your driving around the Granville and Merrylands area around 12pm to 1pm and around 5pm because this hoon loves to just go random drag racing and pulling out of every street without a care in the world.

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