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Christine Newsome(9/6/16, 7:59 am):
Comments: This Toyota Yaris was driving dangerously this morning in Marayong and into the Blacktown area- beeping horns at all motorists that were stopped at intersections in front of them- urging them into cross traffic. Changing lanes frequently, overtaking on the left (above the road speed limit) and showing impatience at lights by beeping their horn at the cars in front of them to go at the green light until they all progressed through the turn. I am concerned that this behaviour continued for some distance and through a number of intersections to all other cars on the road- although possibly this driver had an emergency their actions could easily lead to an accident (especially when they start beeping at an inexperienced driver as they start to cross an intersection- could lead to propping and lead to a collision) - Would be great if they could get a warning letter just reminding them of road safety and courtesy - so wish we had this action as an attempt at prevention is always better than reacting to a more serious situation after the fact

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