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Andy A(16/7/16, 12:55 pm):
Comments: This narcissistic driver (silver Audi Q3 TDi) was travelling 70 km in an 80 km zone on the right lane of the M4 this morning at approx. 0940 hours. There were no cars in front and a line of cars behind me. I moved to the left lane and proceeded forward. Then further up moved into the right lane again doing the speed limit. This Audi driver then starts flashing lights at me and giving me the finger. Then cuts off the car to the left, proceeds to speed up and cut me off. I had to brake aggressively to avoid an accident and so did the cars behind me. Then the Audi driver moved back to the left lane, slowed down and pointing her phone at me and not paying attention to the traffic in front. What a reckless out on control driver. What on Earth is this drivers problem?

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