NSW Plate: CND61Y

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Nick Lee(23/7/16, 8:39 pm):
Comments: Almost ran me over last week
CLUDIA (23/7/16, 8:54 pm):
Comments: best driving i have seen
Amanda's Husband (23/7/16, 9:00 pm):
Comments: Great driver, always drives the kids safety to and from school
Amanda's Son(23/7/16, 9:01 pm):
Comments: Mummy always gets me to soccer practice
Amanda's Dog(23/7/16, 9:08 pm):
Comments: Great pet owner takes me to the dog park every Sunday to do my weekly wee
Amanda's Neighbour (23/7/16, 9:08 pm):
Comments: Parks incredibly clean always in her driveway
Jack(11/9/18, 6:43 pm):
Comments: Saw this driver tail gate dangerously tonight whilst flashing lights and beeping horn behind car in front for no reason then proceeded to drive past yelling at and abusing the driver. The victim did nothing wrong to warrant this road rage.

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