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Meg and Gracie (11m)(19/8/14, 10:24 am):
Comments: Driving on the highway between Mittagong and Sutton Forest. 10 am 19 August 2014. This old guy (70's) and his old female passenger thought it was a fun game to overtake at over 110km/hr then pull in front and slow down below the limit. He did this three times. Then when he was in front of me he pulled to the right to overtake a car that was 100m in front of him, but he was traveling slower than the other car. I drive with my cruise control on, so I continued in the left lane. As I passed him he sped up to cut me off. He did this twice in a row. I know he thought it all as a fun joke because he an passenger were laughing and waving "bye" to me as I passed them. *DUDE* You need to drive safely. Especially in the rain. You had no idea that I have a baby in my car. (2" lifted silver prado with bull bar) You in your smaller Toyota 4wd, would be worse off than I if we had a collision due to your silliness!. In future please use your cruise control. Drive below the speed limit in the wet. Drive according to the conditions. Do not play games and cut people off when driving. Be considerate.

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