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Paul(3/11/14, 5:41 pm):
Comments: Driver (Young Male - Green P-Plater) decided the appropriate distance between the rear of my car and the front of his was about 20cm despite it being a 80kmph zone entering a posted 40kmph roadwork zone. Not only did this person show general disregard to my safety, but also the safety of the road workers on the side of the road and the people behind him. He also shows he gives no thought to the consequences of tailgating a ACT Government employee who works directly with the AFP and Road User Services. I have his plate number, I can get his address if I felt like and I will encourage a written warning be sent to him for his unsafe driving. People don't think about who they are pissing off when they tailgate, as they could very well be your worst nightmare.
Graham(23/11/14, 6:35 pm):
Comments: I can certainly support you on this one. I am a Driver Trainer and as such expect the patience of other motorists, particularly those to the rear. I am constantly tailgated at less than 1 metre even in higher speed zones, overtaken cut off, abused, given, "the bird" and further harassed by bloody horn blowers. I am reporting these incidents to Police, but nothing gets done. These impatient menaces really intimidate the students who then panic and make critical errors.Where do these idiots get off ???

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