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Anonymous(15/3/20, 4:18 pm):
Comments: DYC25G 2018 Brown/Grey Mazda 3 Sedan Vin ending 8879.
Male P plater. Speeding through a 40 zone in front of a hospital. Horns a car pulling out 50m ahead of him (me). Drives past by but seemingly isn't happy about it still so pulls up at the next roundabout to get out of his car. Has second thoughts, decides he wants to get back in, then plows through the roundabout cutting off other cars. Realises he's now being followed and filmed, then speeds away at the first chance he gets. Reported to the police with front/rear dashcam, enjoy mate, hope you lose your license, nobody needs you on the road.

If you do decide to continue your behaviour, I'm sure you'll eventually come across someone who'll help you with some physical correction therapy.

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