NSW Plate: DYM21L

Car Models

This plate has been listed as belonging to the following car on this site:

Make Model Year Colour
ToyotaStation Wagon2018Silver (Fortuner)


Danielle Swinston(10/6/20, 4:50 pm):
Comments: I stalled my car at the lights and this guy behind honked at me. I got going again but missed the green light. He got out of his 4WD and came up and punched the window. He called me a filthy fucking whore and told me to get out of the car. I panicked and drove forward a bit and then he yelled out i'll fucking knock you out you ugly slut. I'll kick your cunt in. Don't drive a manual bitch. I have never been so scared. He kicked the back of my car then got back in his. When i went around the corner he sped past and took off thankyou to my lord. He was dressed nice but was not nice.

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