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brycen (road warrior) trevor(16/12/15, 12:10 pm):
Comments: this guy was throwing heaps of rubbish out of his car everywhere. Maccas papers, newspaper, footy card wrapers, napkins, old food scraps, bottles, emptied his ashtray, when i told him to stop it at the lights he saw all of my tattoos and said please don't hit me. i sped off after him and it got so fast at one point i had to put my seatbelt on and turn the radio off. when i caught him he just started crying. i flexed my arms at him a few times and he wound up his window and i could smell poo. i'm glad he pooped himself so he may have learnt his lesson.
Brycen Trevor(10/2/16, 4:57 pm):
Comments: Again, drama with this idiot. He pulled up at the lights with his stereo very loud. So again, I chased him and I was so angry this time I was screaming in my car and I could see a vein in my head in the rearview mirror. I gave chase for a good 200 - 300 meters where I think he realized I was pretty tough and he sped up. I sped up too but I was in mum's car this time and the seat was all the way forward so he got away. I will get him and yell at him out my window again.

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