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T(9/11/15, 12:16 pm):
Comments: Was waiting to cross the road at the intersection of Princes Hwy & Mt Keira Rd at 08:45am on 09Nov15 when this car drove past beeping it's horn. The two passengers on the left hand side were hanging out the windows giving me the finger. One of them was a white male, late teens/early 20s, wearing a dark coloured hat. VIN/Chassis: ********7244, Insured by QBE,
T(9/11/15, 1:52 pm):
Comments: At 12:45pm on 09Nov15 this vehicle was seen driving West past Wollongong Hospital. The occupants were sticking their arms out the windows and making hand gestures to pedestrians. One of the occupants had light blond/e hair. The car has a large picture on the bonnet.

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