NSW Plate: KIM738

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This plate has been listed as belonging to the following car on this site:

Make Model Year Colour
ToyotaKluger2004dark blue/grey


Squashedbug(27/1/12, 6:29 pm):
Comments: This IDIOT sat up my rear (Im a learner rider) refusing to overtake until a car up ahead put its blinker on. This idiot then decides she doesn't want to sit behind me anymore and speeds up to overtake me (Im doing the speed limit) so I cant change lanes. After I beeped at her she took off doing at least 100km in a 70km, probably so I couldn't get her details... Shame she had to slow for the roundabouts, traffic and the lights huh ;) Her car had a wrangler horns sticker on the back window too. She'll end up killing some poor rider, she has no idea...

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