NSW Plate: KSR002

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MW(12/11/17, 4:42 pm):
Comments: The driver of this dump-truck / lorry tailgated a family in a small car in the left hand lane on the M1 between Sydney and Bewrowa (he was one metre away at around 80-100kph). He then pulled into the middle lane and nearly lost control of his lorry and swerved side to side. He nearly hit the small family car, who started videoing him. I pulled off on the Bewrowra exit and at the last minute he pulled over without indicated and nearly ran us off of the road. I had to emergency brake and swerve at 110 kph. I believe he saw the other car was videoing him and decided to peel off to the left without looking. He had the audacity to get out of his cab and start shouting at me. I pointed out to him that he had just nearly killed two families with his appalling driving. An aggressive, dangerous driver in a heavy vehicle.

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