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Kilthekikels(26/5/19, 5:36 pm):
Comments: Horrible driver, overtook me on a double lined two lane road on a BLIND CORNER... almost hit an oncoming car. Driver appeared to be a man in drag/makeup...
..(26/5/19, 5:37 pm):
Comments: unbelievable almost same thing as below comment , this idiot tried to run me off the road , reported to police
Chump(20/6/19, 7:41 am):
Comments: What a chump the previous commenter was. Literally posted two comments within a minute of each other and pretended that they were two unrelated people who both thought to visit this website at the exact same time to report the exact same car for the same thing.
Sometimes you have to wonder whether the people making the complaints are in fact the ones who aren't the sharpest bulb in the picnic basket.

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