NSW Plate: PJ1014

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Samantha Perre(17/12/15, 7:12 am):
Comments: Very pale man with bright red hair and a young blonde woman dumping bags of rubbish in the bush on the side of the road. Yes i did see you and got your rego too. Use a bin like the rest of the public.
Bartholemue(13/1/16, 6:57 am):
Comments: picking nose at the lights.
Tenielle Sharwood.(3/2/16, 7:04 am):
Comments: I braked for an orange light and this guy was behind me. He clearly sped up to go through it but had to brake hard and almost hit the back of me. He then put his window down and head out the window and screamed 'fucking slut' and spat in the direction of my car. very scary.

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