NSW Plate: SKI116

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Ana(31/8/14, 12:48 am):
Comments: I was on the right lane exiting the M5 tunnel west-bound, myself & drivers in other lanes were sticking to the 80km speed limit, when the driver of this black Toyota Yaris seemed to have suddenly appeared behind me, tail-gating. I couldn't change lanes safely, as there was a another car in the left-hand lane, nor could I speed up, as there was a ute in ahead of me. The driver in the Yaris, rego SKI116 then flashed his headlights, motioning by waving his hands for me to move to the side! Just before the Kingsgrove exit, still with the ute within a safe distance in front of me, he swerved into the left lane, drove alongside of me, gestured with his middle finger, then jerked in front of me & breaked, which in turn, caused me to break sharply, otherwise I would have rear-ended him. He proceeded to cut short other drivers ahead, swerving between lanes dangerously. I called the police using my Bluetooth & reported him & the direction he was heading. Hope they got him. Hate to have seen or heard of an accident caused by this idiot who has no right to be on the road.

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