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Anonymous(21/5/19, 10:18 pm):
Comments: Swerved at legally filtering motorcyclist whilst stuck in traffic and then proceeded to tailgate when he caught up. Shame your business and personal information is readily available on the internet...

Car: 2006 White Holden VZ with business decals for S&L Detailing ABN:23 608 480 919
Name: Sean Vitozzi
Home Address: 69 Bunnel Avenue, Winmalee, 2777
Phone: 0404449987
Yea Nah(11/8/19, 12:20 pm):
Comments: This guy drives like an absolute tool with no regard for anyone else. He was driving very aggressively by tailgating and cutting people off in their lanes all the way up the Great Western Highway.

To the driver, you are incredibly foolish to do that in a work car with your business information all over it. How can anyone trust you to clean their car when the way you drive shows that you have no respect for your own or anyone else car or safety on the road? Do the planet a favor, stop stealing oxygen and become a single vehicle statistic!

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