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Kaylah(16/2/16, 1:50 pm):
Comments: This truck truck heading westbound on the M5 in Sydney decided to drive really close behind me. Yes my friend try to reiterate to me that sometimes they drive really close but its normal etc. I had to yell at her to look out the back window. The truck was within 3 meters of my boot. I was driving in the middle lane, doing the speed limit of 100km/h. She agreed with profanities that he was definitely too close. Not only was he driving close but he also flashed is high beams at me multiple times. To say that that hurt my eyes is an understatement - causing more possibilities for something to go wrong - if I cant see... I was not obstructing anyone, I was in the middle lane (well within my right) and I wasn't going under the speed limit nor above. The driver eventually moved over into the far right lane and my friend got a photo of his number plate. I fear, should a car have pulled out in front of me or something happened that wouldve caused me to brake in the slightest that it wouldn't have ended nicely at all.

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