NSW Plate: ZGE33K

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Make Model Year Colour
FordFalcon XR6 MK II2009Grey


Manfred Witnock(8/4/14, 12:10 pm):
Comments: I don't know how this guy did it. But he literally had his car airborne in Glebe. Not only did he do this, but he also spun the car while leaning out the window shooting at bad guys. Pure awesomeness. I wish I had a daughter so this guy could marry her.
Noris Muklabcoat(8/4/14, 12:54 pm):
Comments: I had broken down by the side of the road. Next thing you know, this guy screams to a halt behind my car after landing a sick 360 back flip in his grey 2009 Ford Falcon xr6 Turbo. He then got out his car, walked up to the back of my car, licked his hand and then gave it a slap on the boot. Instantly my car started working again. I found out later that I was also pregnant with his child. I don't know how that happened.
Herman Ratlube(8/4/14, 12:58 pm):
Comments: Saw this guy doing the Kessel Run in his Falcon in 12 parsecs. The Empire should do something with rebel scum like this.
Sir Reginald Winthrope III(10/4/14, 4:22 pm):
Comments: Upon crossing the moors one early misty morning I was astounded to behold a magnifcant sight: A deliciously sexy Falcon XR6 was devouring a large wolf. I thought it would startle if I got too close, however as I approached, the sleek XR6 gave a plaintive howl and defended it's prey. I watched in sheer fascination as it finished it's grisly meal and then simply de-materialised in front of my very eyes. Such a magnificant beast must surely be owned by one of incredible power and charisma!
Mother of tiny little sawn of penis miss SIR REGINALD WINTHROPE III (30/6/15, 1:07 am):
Comments: You are aware people are posting here about how bad of a driver you are. It doesn't matter what car you drive you will always be a wanker. As soon as you step out of the car your a wanker, in the car your wanker. Do yourself a favor and go fuck yourself with a shotgun aimed up your own arse!

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