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WUP(6/12/12, 11:22 pm):
Comments: Female P plater texting and driving west down Albert Avenue, Chatswood 2:18pm, Friday 7/12/2012. Driver changed from right hand lane to left hand lane and vice-a-versa several times, at no stage did she ever use her INDICATOR to signal a lane change. Albert Avenue has three lanes heading west:- - Left lane for turning left. - Middle lane for either straight ahead or right turn - Right lane for turning right. The left lane was moving too slow for the "p plate princes" so she pushed her way into the middle lane overtook the car in the left lane and then cut in front of the car and turned left. All without a F*** care for anyone around her. It is idiots like this "P plate princes" that do not deserve to be on the roads. Wake you stupid self obsessed idiot and obey the road rules. I do hope your parents or somebody that knows you reads this post and tries to get you to see what a stupid, inconsiderate, law breaking P plater you are. I wish the police were around to catch you and take your license away for radical driving. Keep driving like this and you will not have to worry about your pretty looks as looks don't matter in the cemetery.

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