QLD Plate: 196RQP

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Make Model Year Colour
FordFiestaDark blue


Mrs Maz(1/2/16, 12:50 pm):
Comments: At 11.07am on 31/1/16 This idiot male driver tailgated me turning right out of Bannocknurn rd, Windaroo so I then take my time getting up to the speed limit of 80km (there's no other cars around either) After about 30m he decides to overtake me over double white lines & cuts in front of me. I slow right down to give him a chance to go away. Within another 50m he decides to slow right down for me to catch him & then he slams on his brakes causing me to swerve into opposite lane. Lucky there was no traffic at the time, I would have had a head on collision. He then plants his foot & takes off down Bahrs Scrub Rd. I have a baby on board sticker on my back window & this idiot did not take this into consideration. Thankfully my children were not in the car at the time. I have a rear camera installed in my car & have located exactly where this maniac drove out of & lives (5 Hinsdale Court, Bannockburn). Beware of this guy & if you encounter his dangerous antics call the police, he has no problem with trying to run people of the road even with children in the car.

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