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Mic(12/10/12, 3:20 am):
Comments: I was driving home from work today on the motorway when a man driving a silver yaris went to change into my lane and was about to hit me. I beeped my horn once to make the driver aware that my car was beside his. As i looked over i saw the man was on his mobile, he had it up to his ear and when he saw me he gave my the finger repeatedly and I could see he was yelling/abusing me. He then speed up and changed lanes in front of me. I continued of my usual route home and he continued to mouth off and gesture at me in his review mirror whilst I drove home. I beeped out of courtesy an d got nothing but rude gestures and lip fore it all the he was illegally talking on his phone and drive. This driver was intmidating me, a female driver on her own. The roads do not need drivers like this.

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