QLD Plate: 414TIW

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Misha(17/10/19, 4:50 pm):
Comments: Saw this car pull into a park at 31/33 O'Keefe St in Woolloongabba where the driver sat for 15 minutes revving his engine and disturbing everyone in the vicinity. When the shop owner came out to ask him to stop he yelled "I'm a race car" and reversed out into traffic without looking.
don patterson(29/10/19, 1:03 pm):
Comments: dumb cunt ran a red light and almost hit me
Billie Buzza(13/11/19, 3:25 pm):
Comments: This Lancer pulled into the Nundah KFC drive through and scraped the entire left hand side of the car on the KFC building. Once he got to the window he abused the service staff for hitting his car and started carrying on about "macros"?

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