QLD Plate: 429TME

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Craig(17/12/14, 3:36 pm):
Comments: Drives a red Navara usually with a trailer attached with 2 bits of wood tied down on top. This idiot is an absolute wanker and has no responsibility for himself on the road, the idiot happily ran an old couple off the road doing 80+ in a 70 zone and tried running myself off the road in an 80 strip in Buderim going up the main hill, I let this idiot past and he screams up a 60kmh zone in a top heavy navara doing about 110+ Obviously has road pride issues and needs to be taken off the road, thrown In a cell made for an extremely small human and poked in the ass by long stick every time the idiot doses off.
Aa_jay(18/12/14, 2:47 pm):
Comments: Tailgating cunt bag.

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