QLD Plate: 514XOA

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Mick(18/9/17, 12:10 pm):
Comments: Got this useless bastard on my Vidcam 17/09/2017 between Greenmount and Nobby QLD . I was on main highway - the ford was coming to a T intersection towards main road. I slowed to under signed speed as i always do when unsure.The driver did not look to left or right just straight ahead and pulled out onto main road right in front of me. No emergency braking required as i always expect these brain deads on the road - had no idea he had just pulled out in front of me until i gave it a blast from my new horn. Just disgusting the appalling standard of driving here. Maybe next time he will do that in front of truck.See how that goes. Shouldnt have a licence !
Mick(18/9/17, 12:12 pm):
Comments: 514XOA is a white Ford Laser Sedan - possibly a late 90's model

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