QLD Plate: 617HVG

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Older driver(27/2/14, 6:20 pm):
Comments: This driver is a self absorbed menace. I dont go looking for him, but he turns up like a bad smell near a tannery. His lists of misdemeanours are, ran a lady off the road on her bike by turning inside her while taking his 9 yr old son, Bailey to school. has his 9 yr old son in the front seat of his car where a deployed airbag would kill him, and it is illegal. He is regularly seen doing 69 kph thru Bay Tce Wynnum, a major shopping area where the speed limit is 49kph. Ther is also a school there. runs the red at the Tingal Rd and Florence St intersection. The list goes on. Others be wary as this guy does not care what he does and who he might hurt.
Bert Foster(8/11/14, 8:47 am):
Comments: I agree with older driver, I have seen this guy go through red lights, and speed down Cambridge Pde in the 40 zone doing close to 60. He is an agressive ar$ehole. Be wary of him he is a testosterone menace.

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