QLD Plate: 80SSF

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This plate has been listed as belonging to the following car on this site:

Make Model Year Colour
Mercedes-BenzR3502012Dary grey


Dion(5/11/16, 3:48 pm):
Comments: Impatient driver and cuts other cars off while overtaking.
Jane(12/6/18, 4:16 pm):
Comments: This guy is a moron and well known in the local area as someone who has road rage issues and no regard for anyone else on the road. Despite complaints he still hasn't been taken off the road!!
James(12/6/18, 4:22 pm):
Comments: This bloke tried to run me off the road when I was on my bike. When I followed him home he threatened me by trying to run me over, Police did nothing, guess it pays to be rich?
Jim(13/9/18, 8:54 am):
Comments: This bloke is a tosser! He overtook me on the left in a car park turning lane and accused me of driving half the speed limit when I had a car in front of me

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