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Shez(13/8/18, 11:14 am):
Comments: I was driving in the right hand lane when a truck towing a large excavator started moving over onto my lane - Anzac Ave, Mango Hill. At first I just thought that this was because it was a large truck but then realised he was definitely moving onto my lane. He pushed me right out of my lane. I am guessing he had his right indicator on. I obviously didn't see it as it had flashing lights on it & oversize sign. It was a Volvo truck with a blue number plate with white numbers AWC007 (may be a company logo number plate). I am guessing he needed to get into the right turning lane up further & didn't have much time to get over. I had 2 cars in front of me & possibly they didn't see his indication either. So I got the nudge. If i had realised he needed to get over, then I would have gladly let him over. I am all for letting people in but he was just arrogant about it. When I stopped at the lights (as he was behind me) I put my hands up to say 'what was that for" .. well I go the finger for it. If you have trouble getting around then why don't you have one of those pilot vehicles?? For all you truckers out there.. I know there are aresholes in traffic.. but not me. You know we are all not out there to piss you off. Luckily my daughter wasn't in the car as she would have freaked :0(
Shez(13/8/18, 11:18 am):
Comments: Hopefully this comment goes towards making our roads safer

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