SA Plate: XX139B

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Make Model Year Colour
LexusUNKNOWNblack suv/4wd


annoyed(26/3/13, 1:42 pm):
Comments: these incidents happened yesterday (25/3/13) firstly, the car was being driven by possibly the daughter along north east rd walkerville. she pulled out of a side street into my lane (the right) & I had to slam on my brakes to not hit her. it was so close I ruined my new tyres & my lap top was damaged when it flew around my car. I followed them into a side street stpidly expecting them to pull over & see that I was ok. they didnt, they pulled into a driveway which was obviously theirs & ran inside to get daddy. he came out looking extremely pissed so I thought I'd leave so I pulled out into another side street to have a look at my tyres, got into my car & puttered off down the road not thinking muck of it until I came to an intersection when I saw that daddy was now chasing me in the 4wd. nice example you're setting there buddy. he chased me speeding along a main rd until he got close enough & I yelled at him that I was on my way to a police station & he took off down a side street. this has been reported to the police & I am currently deciding to take further action to recoup damages to my car & belongings in it.

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