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jack johnson(21/7/16, 7:18 pm):
Comments: not sure of the make as I was too busy remembering the numberplate, but the car was a small dark green square buzz box with an absolutely charming young lady driving it. I was driving down a steep narrow and windy road called molesworth road at around 55kph, speed limit is 60. she drove up behind me very quickly and attempted an overtake on a blind corner, she then had to pull back in behind me as a car was coming. she followed me down the road (read that as tailgating so close to the back of my ute that all I could see of her car was the roof and windscreen and her little face uselessly hurling profanities at me and my 'slow' driving, I presume) untill I reached the primary school. she unsuccessfully attempted to overtake me 3 times on the way there in a very unsafe manner, when she finally did overtake me she flipped me the bird and tried to speed off, it was a futile gesture though as within 300m she was stuck behind another ute which is when I got her numberplate. after another 500m or so she once again overtook in a stupid place and sped off into the sunset. I hope she reads this one day and sees what a dangerous fool she was/is being. maybe it will make her reassess her attitude to her own and everybody else's safety.

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