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Fin(17/3/17, 10:08 am):
Comments: Green/Gold Ford G6E. Thurs 9 March about 5:30pm. If you've ever wondered what a selfish driver lokos like its these guys. Older couple in the car in the right merging lane to the Princes Fwy outbound from Geelong Rd. They were 2 cars back, I let the car next to me merge in front and this selfish driver decided to sneak in when there wasn't much room. I actually had to wind my window down to ask if I can please proceed and they ignored me like I wasn't even there and proceeded to cut me off. The ended up moving into the far right lane on the Princes Fwy and GOT STUCK IN TRAFFIC! Road Karma at its best. Stop being selfish cockwomble drivers, older couple

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