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Wil(23/7/17, 8:33 pm):
Comments: Silver Subaru with spoiler & red P plate, in Nelson Place, Williamstown today. This car, full of barely legals, cut off another car at the Ferguson St/Nelson Pl roundabout, the car who got cut off quite rightly tooted them & the gronk in the rear passenger seat stuck his fat middle finger out the window. They then braked suddenly twice, because they're heroes & God forbid someone use their car horn on them. The car tooted them again (I would've got out & slapped them one on their bare ass). Of course because they have no balls they waited until they turned at the next roundabout before flipping the bird again. I've never seen anything so immature, their patents would be so ashamed if they knew how their d***head offspring behave on the road. YOU HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO HIGHWAY PATROL HAHAHAA

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