VIC Plate: ACK346

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Kathy(22/1/15, 12:43 pm):
Comments: Huge tailgater, was doing the speed all along one main road and keeping a safe distance from the car in front of me yet this driver was up my tail, swerving to my right to make me see them and trying to get me to go faster. No wonder accidents happen - because of stupid idiots like this, if I had of gone faster I would of caught up to the car in front of me and we'd be back to square 1. Also this can be a huge reason for shy drivers speeding, they feel so intimidated and nervous with someone so close they feel pressured to go faster and it just has to stop. I made sure this person didn't intimidate me, but I'm sure if I by any chance needed to shove on my brakes that they would of crashed into me.

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